• goFred Fiber

    Lowest priced and
    best valued Internet
    in all of Canada.


    • Fiber-based connection
    • 100 MB up and down
    • No contract, no fine print
  • goFred Fiber

    Our free citywide
    wireless will keep
    you connected.


    Perhaps you’re sipping coffee at Read’s and
    want to check the forecast, or need to send
    off a forgotten email. With the Zone you can
    do that.



We’re more than an ISP and fiber network provider. We recognize that our members and business community have unique challenges. We're open to your suggestions on how we can help your organization grow through the services we provide in the community.

We're here to encourage invention, collaboration and experimentation by providing you the tools and assistance to make that possible. Think of us as your network and technology support team in a box. Contact us today to discuss how you can leverage our infrastructure and expertise.

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Our goFred Giga-Bit Connection is Lightning-Fast

Our connection is so fast everyday computing feels instantaneous. Forget buffering!
See how your connection shapes up compared to our giga-bit connection.

  • My Speed:
  • 5mbps
  • 10mbps
  • 50mbps

goFred: 1000mbps

  • Download 100 photos
  • Download 100 photos
  • Download a game
  • Download 100 songs
  • Download an HD movie
My Speed