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Go Fred Primer

| Nov 28 2014


Shortly after the CRTC deregulated the telecommunications industry (circa 1997), the City of Fredericton embarked on a journey that continues today.  The City formed it’s own telecommunications company called e-Novations ComNet Inc, a not-for-profit, non-dominant carrier that operates in the style of a utility.  The reason for this; to become a disruptive force in the local telecom industry with the primary goal of substantially lowering bandwidth costs in the City of Fredericton to positively impact economic development.  Over a 15 year span, e-Novations formed various product offerings under the “GoFred” brand and today has nearly 400 Kms of fiber optics in Fredericton and is the premier provider of customer managed (dark fiber) to many important customers such as; the City of Fredericton, the Government of New Brunswick, NB Power, the University of New Brunswick, Knowledge Park and many more small and medium size business.  

Super fast GoFred Internet: 

GoFred has the lowest cost highest speed commercial Internet in Canada, offering tailored packages and Gigabit services.  Our Internet service is multi-homed meaning we have two upstream providers with diverse routes making our Internet service highly available with built in redundancy.  GoFred provides for best path routing, both within our network and to the Internet resulting in the lowest latency Internet possible.  We understand that if the Internet goes down, people go home … money is lost … and productivity grinds to a hault.  Our goal is to always offer the best valued Internet in Canada and the lowest possible price.  In 2013, GoFred attracted the attention of F6 Networks, a regional backbone carrier offering connections to major centers including Boston, Montreal and Toronto.  This has resulted in a partnership that includes a peering arrangement and wholesale Internet access in major international markets, again positioning Fredericton as a competitive place to conduct ICT business. 

GoFred Fiber Optics: 

GoFred offers what traditional carriers will not, we offer dark fiber (also known as customer managed fiber) a product that is exclusive to GoFred in the Fredericton region.  Dark fiber allows customers to light and manage their own dedicated fiber strand(s) with electronics supplied by the customer at speeds dictated by the customer.  With GoFred Dark Fiber, customers can access city-wide ultra secure, ultra fast and 100% dedicated fiber optics offered on an annual rental basis or on a long term IRU (irrevocable right of use) allowing for long term capitalization of your infrastructure investment. 

City wide wireless:

GoFred owns and operates “Fred-eZone” an award winning public WiFi Internet access network.  Fredericton was the first to host a free public hotspot network in Canada and in 2004 received the Judges Award of Excellence at CIPA (Canadian Information Productivity Awards).

Co-Location Services:

GoFred offers customers server rack space hosting with fiber attached connectivity for those that like to have their equipment in the City of Fredericton.  Telecommunication carriers, VOIP providers and many others are hosted in GoFred’s co-location facility.  GoFred offers server rack space hosting from $35 / month per “U” in a facility that includes; utility power, generator power with transfer switch, main and rack UPS, dry agent fire suppression, HVAC and security systems.  Our colocation facility is exclusively available to our members where Internet packages can be extended to the facility or purchased separately.   

Lab Services: 

GoFred offers customers, manufacturers, developers and institutions, research and development access to our network in various ways that assist in bringing products to market and showcasing products and services.  GoFred Labs is an attitude of collaboration in the ICT sector within the City of Fredericton.  GoFred partners with various private sector and University research projects for product development and market testing.  This partnership allows for unique access to a production ISP network to test real world scenarios for product development.  Some recent examples include; Hotspot Parking, Q1Labs, Ara Labs and the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Computer Science.   

Cloud services:

GoFred has partnered with F6 Networks and Cirrus9 to provide world class hosted cloud services, connecting GoFred customers at gigabit speeds to Tier III class hosting centers within the Province of New Brunswick.  Customers on the GoFred network that have hosted services with Cirrus9 have a built-in preferred routing that directs data traffic from the customer directly to Cirrus9 at Gigabit speeds, circumventing the Internet with one hop.  This is a unique service that is included in every Internet package resulting in a value proposition that simply can not be matched.

Back Office Support: 

GoFred offers many institutional customers back office services through it’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) program.  We assist organizations with their technology needs by scoping requirements, negotiation support contracts, building and managing corporate networks and offering assistance and training in the user of Google for Work cloud based business tools.  GoFred supports institutions such as; the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Knowledge Park Inc, Ignite Fredericton, the Fredericton Convention Center and the local YMCA. 


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